Head shot of Mandy Meindersma
Mandy Meindersma
Senior Software Engineer



I love yoga, cats, writing snail-mail letters and puzzles. I like to keep myself busy; usually I am always doing some sort of volunteer work on the side whether it is teaching computer science to kids, trying to inspire other women and minorities in STEM or organizing hackathons. Recently I made an extensive resume guide for new grads.

I also do hardware and IoT projects on the side. My favourite project was rigging up an old rotary phone to call on my cell phone. Most recently I was very honoured to be a Hardware Track Reviewer for the Grace Hopper Celebration. I am looking forward to making an impact with my various technical, mentorship and organizational qualities.

Speaker Map

This is a map of all the locations I have spoke at and what I spoke about! Shout out to Courtney Yatteau for creating such a fun, interactive workshop that sparked this.